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18eighteen Holiday 2006

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Precious, where did you lose your virginity? "Ya'll is curious, huh? I lost my cherry at my birthday party. The party was at my house in Long Beach. I still feel bad, 'cause me and my friends kinda tricked my mom so it could happen. We acted like we were playing Hide 'n' Seek, so she wouldn't look for me. Me and this guy snuck off to the pantry and he fucked me good. He put his hand over my mouth to keep me from moaning and I kept licking his palm!" That's hot. You have a pussy that's so pink it looks like bubble gum. But, what's up with doing anal? "I'm cool with butt sex, but you gotta lick my slitty before we screw. Plus, most guys try to do you in the butt too fast and stuff. They need to learn to take their damn time.

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February 23, 2018
I'd love to fuck Precious's precious brown bubble butt.

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