Happiness Is A Warm Cunt

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Nina Stevens » Happiness Is A Warm Cunt

Nina's pussy is the happiest place on earth.

It's always a win-win situation when you're fucking Nina. Her tight, wet pussy feels amazing around your cock, and she loves to be fucked as much as you love to fuck her. You cum, she cums and everyone is happy. "I feel bad for girls who say they've never had an orgasm before, or that they can't cum from being fucked. They don't know what they're missing. But me? I cum every time I have sex. Usually more than once, too. Nothing satisfies me like deep penetration. A lot of the time the guy will cum at the same time I do. He says it's because he can feel my pussy contracting and squeezing his dick and it feels so good that he just wants to blow his big load all up inside of me. Mutual orgasms are the best." See what we mean? All the problems in the world seem to melt away when you're cumming with Nina.

Her round tits and ass are just as pleasing, too.

The old saying, "You can't have it all," doesn't apply to Nina. She is the complete package. She's not dumb or annoying. She loves to fuck, her pussy is tight and she has no problems cumming. Sucking dick is second nature to her. And her body is smoking hot. She is as easy on the eyes as she is on the cock. Her slender figure is balanced by two perfect B-cup boobs and a perky, little butt. "I know my titties aren't really big enough for titty fucking, but that's okay. They're just the right size to fit in your hand or mouth. And they look really good with cum dripping off of them. And for a skinny girl I have a decent amount of ass. It's really nice to slap when I'm in the doggie-style position. I'll let a guy lick my butthole and even finger it if I'm feeling kinky. But I've never done anal. I'd like to try it, but for now I'm having tons of fun with regular sex!"

Nina, what is the best sex you've ever had?

"Definitely the first time I fucked my neighbor. We'd been crushing on each other for a while so the sexual tension had been building. One day I just went for it and kissed him. We were both so hot that he pulled my pants down and stuck his dick in right there. We were on my balcony and everybody could see!"
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