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Naughty Photos
March 22nd, 2012
Natalia, what kinds of things do you like to shoot?
"I like to take pictures of people and landscapes and interesting things I see around the city. I'm majoring in photography so I always have an eye out for that picture perfect moment. But what most people don't know is that I love to take nude photos of myself and of other people. And not in just an artistic way, either. I like to take raunchy photos of my pussy!"

What reactions do you get when you share your naughty photos?
"Guys always want to see more. Always! I usually start off by teasing them and just sending them a few pictures of me in my underwear. Then I send them some boob shots and tell them that's all I have. When they ask for more I tell them they have to send me a picture of their dick first. I have a whole collection of cocks now that I like to look at whenever I masturbate."

Do you ever share those photos with anyone?
"Sometimes I'll email them to guys I want to have sex with. And sometimes I post them anonymously in online communities to see the reactions."

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