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Tushie Tickler

Featuring: Molly Madison
Date: December 18th, 2009
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Molly loves to masturbate. But it's not just her pussy that she plays with. Teen years are all about experimentation, and now that Molly is 18 she wants to try as many freaky things as possible. She's starting off with a little anal play. "I'm starting off small, because that's how you do it when it comes to your butt! You can't just ram something huge in there if you're not used to it. Same thing goes with pussies, too. I can fit a pretty decent-sized toy in my pussy now, but it took some practice because I was so tight at first. I expect to be able to put my favorite toy completely in my ass soon. For now, it feels really good for me to just tickle it and stick my finger in a bit. As long as I have lube, my butt is in business!" Her girlfriends give ass-play two thumbs up! "What got me interested in anal stuff was hearing the stories my older girlfriends told. They're in college now and they do all kinds of kinky things.

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