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Horny Titter

Featuring: Missy Mae and Tony Rubino
Date: June 19th, 2009
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Modesty is definitely not one of Missy's finer qualities. Some girls absolutely refuse to be photographed or recorded nude, fearful that a spat with their boyfriend could result in their tits and pussy all over the Internet. Or worse, in their parents' e-mail. Missy, on the other hand, doesn't care one bit. Not only is she willing to get naked for the camera, she's willing to fuck in front of it, too. "I don't care if anyone sees naked photos of me or a video of me fucking. I already send naked pics of myself over the Internet." "It was all my idea to fuck on camera." Missy's boyfriend thought he was just going to get a nice video of the two of them enjoying a picnic. The kind of thing he could show his grandparents. But the second Missy took out her big tits, the video was officially moved into the 'hide in the most obscure place possible' category. Her boyfriend might not want anyone else to see their sex scene (for now, anyway), but Missy does. "My boyfriend wants to keep the video private but after the performance I did, people NEED to see it.

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