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18eighteen October 2007

Featuring: Melody Tan
Date: October 3rd, 2007
Photos: 70
Melody, do you have a boyfriend? "No, he dumped me last year. He said that I was boring. But, I miss him 'cause he was the first guy that I ever let finger me, and it felt so good when he touched me. " Do you have a crush on anyone now? "Yeah! I am so into my new volleyball coach, and I flirt with him all the time. The other day after practice, I went into his office, and we totally made out! He doesn't want me to tell anyone, but we're going on a trip soon so he can pop my cherry." Wait, Melody. Are you really a virgin? "Yeah, I am. I just haven't had much time for guys because I'm always doing homework. But I practice with my toy all the time so that when the time comes, I'll be ready to work it and cum all over my coach's big cock. I know he wants me really bad, too. His thing is always hard when I'm around.

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