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Tiny But Not Fragile

Featuring: Brad Sterling and Lily Jordan
Date: August 23rd, 2016
Photos: 33
"I'm only 5'1" so guys always think they're going to hurt me with their cocks. But I like it when they go hard, and I like big dicks too. I may be small, but I'm up for the challenge! One of my biggest turn-ons is being with a guy who is big, both in his cock size and his body size. I like it when they can throw me around and be rough yet sweet at the same time. One time a guy picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a caveman and I was so turned on by it. That's how I like guys to be in the bedroom.".

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August 25, 2016
I love 18eighteen ...but I much prefer the solo sets to the boy / girl stuff. Not sure if I'm in the minority but I just like to feel the the girl is posing for me and me alone and no one else. Also I think the imagination is stirred more in the solo sets - it's more of a turn on to imagine what the girl would look like being fucked than actually see her being fucked...if that makes sense. There's also a slightly degrading and humiliating feel to the solo sets which is a real turn on!

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