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Sharing Her Goodies

Featuring Kylie Quinn
Date December 27th, 2016
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Kylie is having a bake sale, but her twat is the real sweet treat. Kylie likes to bake so she regularly sells cupcakes and cookies to make a little extra cash. It's also a good way for her to scout for new cock. "I love interacting with the crowd and having conversations with people. I'm flirtatious so people tend to gravitate towards me. If I see a guy I like I'll eat one of my cupcakes seductively, getting the cream on my lips and licking it off slowly. I'm letting him know that's what I'd do with his cum." Has a guy ever hit on you during a bake sale? "All the time. They hit on me and I hit on them too. It goes both ways. One time I was flirting with this guy and I told him I had some more cookies at home if he was interested. He said he'd love to eat my cookies.

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