Camp Cunny

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Kennedy Leigh » Camp Cunny

There's something about Kennedy. It could be her tanned skin, or her dirty blonde hair. Maybe it's her big smile, or her blue eyes, or her perky boobs. (They certainly help.) Maybe it's the way she doesn't look like any other girl we've ever seen in 18eighteen. Whatever it is, we like Kennedy. She's a playful, little kitten who's always ready for a bedroom romp. This cutie (who also happens to be from Minnesota!) likes to play volleyball, ride horses, fuck big dicks and swallow big loads. We're impressed; the Midwest is really on a roll this month!

Even though Kennedy shaves her pubes, she assures us that she's a natural blonde! There's no dye job here. Kennedy truly is a golden girl! "My pubes are very blonde, thin and soft. I hardly have to shave my pussy 'cause I don't have much pubic hair."

One of her most-erotic experiences was at a summer camp! "One summer I worked as a camp counselor. It was so awesome! It was the most fun job, ever. And there were tons of cute guys who were also counselors, so that was a perk. Everyone was hooking up. What me and some of the other girls would do was sneak out into the woods at night and fuck whatever guy we were seeing. One time, I had sex while my friend was fucking right next to me. I even felt up on her boobs!"

That experience, along with another one, has piqued her curiousity for hot group sex! Now remember, Kennedy is 18. So while three-ways aren't the craziest thing, they're pretty kinky for a girl who has just started to explore her sexuality. "The closest I ever came to a three-way was this time me and a girlfriend both sucked this guy off at the same time. I wanted to stay and have a three-way, but I had to go home for curfew. I would do it again. In fact, I want to do it again. Now I'm all about three-ways and four-ways!"
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