Pierced And Perky

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Kali Lane » Pierced And Perky

There was a time when Kali didn't like sex.

She lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, who also happened to be a virgin. He didn't know how to eat pussy, he didn't know how to fuck and he came too soon. As a result, Kali didn't see what the hype behind sex was. She was horny, sure, but fucking never felt good.

She needed a more experienced man.

Fortunately, Kali broke up with her boyfriend and hooked up with an older man. He awakened her inner slut with his expert pussy-licking skills and big cock. "Having sex with him was a complete 180 from doing it with my ex. This guy knew how to work it and he could last forever. I even had my first orgasm with him. He figured out what to do to me to make me cum and moan. I was always quiet and still before!"

Once an understimulated naysayer, Kali has been converted into a believer in the power of fucking.

"Now that I'm getting good sex I can't believe that I ever thought that sex sucked. But you have to understand that when I was getting laid before it was with a guy who didn't have any experience, so I didn't get much out of it. The second I would get close to like, actually feeling something in my pussy, he'd cum. But this guy I'm with now, he can fuck me through an orgasm and keep going. Sometimes I have to stop him for a minute because it's so intense!" She estimates that she's been cumming twice a day from sex lately.

Her newfound sex drive even inspired her to get a piercing.

"I got my hood pierced because I heard it feels really good. And it does! I can feel it rubbing my clit when I walk and I think I could cum that way if I tried. The only bad part was the recovery. I wasn't able to have sex for six weeks!"
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