Tight Bikini Bod

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Jessie Andrews » Tight Bikini Bod

Check out this fit, blonde hottie! There's no denying that Jessie has a sweet body. And her stomach and ass aren't the only things that are tight. Her pussy is, too! "Yes, I'm a virgin! I've never even used a toy before. When I masturbate I just use a finger. One single finger. I've put two in before, but it's a really tight fit. It only works when I'm super wet." Jessie is well aware that she has a smokin' hot body. "I'd say I'm pretty confident. I'm not one of those girls who says that she's fat just to get compliments. I know I'm hot! I go to the gym a lot so I can show off my body in a bikini. So far, so good!" What we wanted to know is why Jessie doesn't use her hot body. She's confident, and she seems pretty in touch with her sexuality (as much as a virgin can be anyway). "I'm still a virgin just 'cause I haven't met anyone that I've really clicked with. I've had boyfriends here and there, and I fooled around with them. But I always wanted to take it slow, and then we always ended up breaking up before we could have sex. I do want to experience sex, but I'm not in a hurry." And there's no need to rush. After all, we do like our virgins here at 18eighteen! "Sometimes my girlfriends like to tease me 'cause I'm the only virgin left in our group, but I don't let it get to me. They're a bunch of sluts anyway! For now rubbing my clit gets me by just fine." Jessie's finger must be the strongest part of her body! We say that 'cause she uses it a lot to rub her pussy. "I do masturbate daily. Just 'cause I'm a virgin doesn't mean I don't get horny. When I do it, I think about what it'll be like the first time a dick goes inside of me."
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