Suckin' And Fuckin'

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Jeny Snow » Suckin' And Fuckin'

Jeny's a horny, little thing. But she never masturbates.

That's because for her, nothing compares to the real thing. Her fingers and toys just ain't cutting it. She needs a real-life flesh and blood cock throbbing in her mouth and pussy, not a hunk of plastic. "A lot of my girlfriends say that they can make themselves cum way faster than a guy can, but that's not true for me. If I masturbate it takes me forever to cum. Even if I'm really horny. I can't help it, nothing gets me off better than the real thing. That's why I don't like to play with myself too much. Even if I'm really horny, I'd rather stare at the ceiling while daydreaming about sex. And since I don't masturbate often I always have a ton of sexual energy for the guy I'm with."

"If I'm close to masturbating, I'll just call a guy to help me out!"

We probably don't need to remind you of this, but Jeny is a girl. And girls (especially cute ones) can find dick very easily. Case in point, the cock you now see in Jeny's mouth.

She's glad she didn't give in.

"I was super horny and seriously, I was on the brink of touching myself. But I called this guy instead and I'm so happy I did. He fucked me way better than I could have done with any dildo or even my fingers!"

What did this guy do to you that you liked?

"Everything! But what stands out the most to me is how he went right for my asshole with his tongue. Not many guys will do that unless you tell them that you want anal. I don't do anal and I told that to this guy. But he didn't care. He kept licking away and it felt so good. And he would touch it sometimes while we were fucking. It was awesome. Aside from that he just knew what to do with his dick. He didn't go too fast or too slow, it was just right! Within like, a minute of us fucking I felt like I was gonna cum because of how good he was doing me. He lasted long enough for me to cum four times. Who needs to masturbate when you can have that!"
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