Horny Nerd

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Jennifer Slamme » Horny Nerd

Hey, Jennifer. What's up with those glasses?

"I have really bad eyesight so I need them. My friends always tease me about them, and say that I'm such a nerd with my glasses and the way I dress. But I don't care! I think my glasses are cool and kind of

funky. And besides, being a nerd never stopped me from getting laid!"

How many times have you had sex?

"I have had sex exactly 10 times with 3 different guys. The guy I lost my virginity to was a fellow nerd and virgin. But our first time together was also the last. He was a really bad lay and he came in like, two seconds. The second guy I fucked was a friend. We did it four times. It was pretty good, but I decided I didn't want to fuck him anymore because he was getting too clingy and treating me like his girlfriend. And I didn't like him that way. The latest guy I've been banging is a science teacher at my old school. He is hot.com!"

Tell us more about this teacher.

"He was my science teacher when I was in high school. I always thought he was hot and funny, but obviously nothing ever happened because I was a student. Then when I graduated I went back to visit, and we agreed to meet up for lunch. The rest is history! Out of the three guys I've fucked, he's the one who has given me the best orgasms. One time I came so hard I started giggling and laughing hysterically.

It was so weird! He told me that it was actually a normal reaction to super hot sex, 'cause like, it's your body's way of releasing all the built up energy from being aroused...or something. See? He's smart and sexy!"
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