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Naughty Nerd

Featuring: Haileey James
Date: October 13th, 2008
Photos: 80
Haileey, tell us the truth. Are you really a nerd?
"I'm a nerd and I'm proud to be a nerd! I wear glasses, watch 'Star Trek', play Dungeons and Dragons and my favorite movie is 'Dune'. But what most people don't know is that I'm a total sex fiend, too. I consider myself a freak in bed. When I have sex with someone for the first time they're usually surprised at how I like to get down. They think 'cause I'm usually quiet and wear glasses and get good grades that I'd be a boring fuck. No way. I like to get loud, talk dirty and have my asshole fingered. It's like my little secret and it totally catches people off guard."

Do you need glasses or is that just a disguise?
"No, I really do need glasses. I take them off sometimes, but I need them to be able to see.

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