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Pussy Workout
August 16th, 2013
You look very fit and limber, Gina! What kinds of workouts do you like? "I enjoy going to the gym and working out with lots of other people. It's very encouraging for me to keep working harder when I see all the sexy women and their strong bodies and all the men and their muscles. I always get a little wet when I'm working out on the machines from watching all the other people. I also like to play tennis. I have a coach who has taught me a lot. He's a nice, sexy older man, so sometimes I'll tip him with a long, sloppy blow job!" So you work out your body and your mouth? "Oh yeah. Going down on a man that's got a nice, big boner for me takes a lot of time, and I'm sure it even burns some calories! I don't like short blow jobs. Sometimes I stop half way just so they won't cum too soon!" Do you spit or swallow their cum? "I love sucking dick, but I usually spit out the sticky stuff. I think facials are way hotter. I never feel sexier than when I have globs of thick cum all over my face.

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