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Featuring Farrah
Date September 5th, 2016
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Newcomer Farrah is a feisty one! This former cheerleader from Louisiana says that her special talents are photography, making people fall in love and attracting haters. With her firm body and sweet tits, we don't think there'll be any of the latter around here, but there will probably be some falling in love (or lust). If you want a shot with Farrah, keep things fresh. "I like dates that are romantic and different. Don't do the usual dinner and movie crap! Be creative! I like to be kept on my toes, not bored." You know what else Farrah likes? "Being tied up and rough sex." What is most satisfying for you sexually? "Good dick. It should have good length and girth and the guy should know how to use it. When that's not around, my eight inch dildos get the job done." Do you like oral sex? "I'm a blow job virgin for now. Seriously. I've had sex but never sucked cock. I'm waiting for the right guy.

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September 18, 2016
The most beautiful girl i knows. She is gorgeous and freaking amazing. Love talking to her

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