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Three's Cumpany

Featuring: Chastity Lynn, Collie Pop, and J.T.
Date: November 13th, 2008
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Chastity, we thought you and Collie were just friends..
"Now we're friends with benefits. I always wanted to fool around with a girl, so who better to do it with than your best friend? And can you believe this guy walked in on us screwing around? We were already so horny by then that we told him to join us. Collie and I share everything, including cocks. But his dick was so big there was more than enough for both of us!"

Collie, how did you like your first threesome?
"It was awesome! First it was just us two girls sucking on each other's tits, and then this guy showed up and we were like, 'Why not?' So he took his thingie out and we both started sucking on it till some watery stuff came out of his cockhole. Chastity got on his pole first and I got so turned on watching her hump him My pussy got really creamy and warm. Then I got on top of him and he started pounding away. His cock felt so big in my little hole."

What was your favorite part of this experience?
"Probably making out with a girl and having her suck my tits while there's a cock inside me the whole time. I liked the extra attention."

Are you and Chastity going to hook up again?
"I think so. Now our sleepovers will be a lot more..wet.

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