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Forbidden Fruit

Featuring: Chastity Lynn
Date: September 1st, 2008
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Welcome back, Chastity. In June '08 you were planning to fuck a lot of cocks..
"And that's what I did! I went on a road trip around the country and things got a little crazy. I can now say that I have hos in different area codes. It was fun seeing all that stuff and meeting all those guys, but I'm kind of glad to be home. If you were fucking as much as I was you'd be tired, too! My pussy needed a break from all the action."

Sounds like a wild ride. How are you keeping yourself entertained now that you're home?
"Oh, just doing normal things. Watching TV, going to the mall, munching on junk food..way too much junk food. Today I had a craving for something sweet and I wanted to be healthy for a change, so I picked this papaya from the tree outside. What I really would have liked is to taste some honey from a cock-tip, but ugh, I'm so over my booty calls.

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