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Featuring: Chastity Lynn
Date: June 16th, 2008
Photos: 80
Welcome, Chastity, we're glad to have you. How does it feel to finally be 18?
"It's great. Now I actually get excited when I'm carded 'cause I'm legal, and all I have to do is whip out my I.D. I know I look kind of young, but whatever. At least when I'm an old lady I'll look good for my age. And just 'cause I have small tits and an innocent face doesn't mean I'm not a full-grown woman. I'm an adult and I'm ready to go wild and do big-girl things like vote, go to 18+ dance clubs, buy porn and fuck and suck lots of hot guys!"

Wow! We didn't realize you were such a kinky freak, Chastity.
"Hell, yeah. Don't let my cute, little panties fool you! There's a seriously horny pussy hiding beneath this cotton. I'm ready to break out and see the world, so I'm checking out my map to see which city I should ravage first.

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