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Yours For The Taking

Featuring Cadence Carter
Date August 29th, 2016
Photos 40
Cadence, do you ever let guys take nude pics of you? "I have a few times before, but I made sure it was on my camera so the guys wouldn't send them to anyone else. [Laughs] I guess now that doesn't matter so much since I've been naked in a magazine and in videos. I always enjoyed being photographed, and I think guys get a kick out of taking my naked pics, especially if we haven't fucked yet. It's a good ice-breaker and a turn-on for your first fuck." How does it compare to coming to a studio? "In the studio they're professional. With a guy it's more personal and they get really turned on. They photograph me with a hard-on." .

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big ed
August 29, 2016
Very nice. One of my favourites

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