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Featuring: Ava Hardy
Date: December 28th, 2012
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Ava, has anyone ever licked your precious pussy before? "Yes, a couple of times. I liked it, but it was such a mission to get my panties off 'cause I was so nervous about fooling around. People have tried before and given up 'cause I was sort of prude." Why were you nervous about it? "Just because I had never done anything before, and I didn't know if my vagina was normal or not. I always felt like I had big labia, and I was scared that if someone saw them they'd be grossed out. But three people have eaten me out and they told me I have a nice pussy and that it tastes really sweet and fresh. That makes me feel better." Did you enjoy the oral? Did you have an orgasm from it? "The first time it was okay. I didn't have an orgasm 'cause I just couldn't relax. Then the second time was actually with a girl, and it was a really good experience. She went slow and gentle, and I got really into it. I had two really good orgasms that time.

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