Waking Up Wet

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Ashley Johnson » Waking Up Wet

The only time she doesn't want to wake up is when she's dreaming about sex.

There she was, butt-naked with her legs completely spread open. Her pussy lips were moist with her natural lubricant. Something warm and soft was spreading that lube around her pussy like jelly on bread. It was a tongue. She moaned. Somewhere in the distance, a bell was ringing. Maybe class had begun. She didn't care.

The ringing got louder.

Ashley felt herself on the verge of orgasm but the ringing got louder until she could no longer ignore it. Shit. It was her alarm clock and the sweet cunnilingus was just a dream.

She was understandably disappointed.

But Ashley wasn't going to let something like an alarm clock or having to get ready for school stop her from cumming. "I woke up horny and with my panties all wet. I had to finish my business, so I stuck a finger in my pussy and with the other hand I rubbed my clit. I came quick and hard, but it was such a relief."
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