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Camel-Toe Queen

Featuring: Alina West
Date: December 28th, 2015
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Why do you call yourself a cameltoe queen? "Because for whatever reason, whenever I wear tights or yoga pants I always have a cameltoe! I think it's just the way my pussy is. It's so horny it sucks up everything that's close to it! [Laughs] I used to be constantly tugging my pants down out of my crotch in those situations, but I've given up on that and accepted that my pussy will be on display. If you think about it, it's kind of hot. Some girls like to show tits and ass, but I'm showing off my twat. When I go to the gym I see guys staring at my crotch, and I bet they're wondering what it's like to eat me out and fuck me." You don't ever feel shy or embarrassed about having a cameltoe? "I used to, but not anymore. A guy who would always flirt with me at the gym told me as a joke that seeing a cameltoe was better than seeing the real thing. So now I just own it. Also, it kind of feels good when the material is riding up my pussy and rubbing on my clit. Now a lot of the time I won't even wear underwear with my tights so I'll have a super cameltoe. It can be a little embarrasing when my pussy is wet and my tights get stained, though! But then that just means I get to go home, peel them and smell my lovely scent! Yes, I actually do that." Has your cameltoe ever gotten you laid by someone checking you out? "Well, there was this one time I was taking a yoga class and I felt like the instructor was staring at my pussy.

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